Disability Equality

ASLEF began formally organising its disabled members in 2020 using the social model of disability.

At ASLEF’s Annual Assembly of Delegates in 2019 an agenda item was adopted which called for a trial introduction of an equalities committee representing the unions disabled members.  

ASLEF has adopted the social model of disability, this focuses on the ways in which society is organised, and the social and institutional barriers which restrict disabled people’s opportunities. The social model sees the person first and argues that the barriers they face, in combination with their impairments, are what disables them. 

Using this model the committee was elected comprising of one member per district who identifies as having as disability.  The inaugural meeting in February 2020 going forward would be referred to as the ASLEF Disabled Members Forum.  

Initially the forum has prioritised improving the visibility of ASLEF members with disabilities and will strive to create more open and supportive workplaces. 

The forum ensures that the voices of members with disabilities are heard within the union’s structures; forum members regularly meet with the General Secretary, Assistant General Secretary and Executive Committee to discuss any concerns.  

ASLEF sent its first delegations to the TUC and STUC disabled workers conferences in 2021.    

At the Annual Assembly of Delegates in 2021, members voted to make the forum permanent and it became the Disabled Members' Representative Committee.

If you are an ASLEF member you can find out who your Disabled Members Representative Committee member is by clicking here.