Union Learning Representatives

Our Union Learning Representatives are supporting members (and their families) to access learning and improving knowledge and skills

Since the introduction of the Union Learning Representative (ULR), over twenty years ago, they have enabled thousands of individuals gain greater knowledge & skills for personal and professional development.

The Union Learning Representatives are the conduits for learning within the workplace and play a key role in the Life-Long Learning agenda. They represent a cross section of grades and have been elected by branch, to be our workplace learning champions.

They are approachable individuals, trusted by their colleagues to confide in. They promote a workplace learning culture by; advertising learning opportunities, holding information advice and guidance surgeries to sign post learners to the appropriate courses, setting up workplace learning opportunities, as well as supporting learners through their learning journey & progression.

ASLEF recruits and supports the Union Learning Representatives within the constraint set out in the individual Train Operating Company (TOC) learning agreements. A Learning Agreement is a contract between the Union and the Train Operating Company, that sets out the commitment on both sides to Life-Long/Workplace learning agenda.

Classed as a “Company role”, all ULRs are elected and accountable to their ASLEF branch and in accordance with ASLEF rule 9.C.1 and the Employment Act 2002. They are entitled to paid release from work to carry out duties and are supported by ASLEF’s Education Development & Project Worker.

Shift Work is often a barrier for many potential leaners, making access to traditional mainstream learning unfeasible due to the regular set times and complicated shift rosters. To overcome this ASLEF have invested in online/distance learning resources so that individuals can access courses at a time and place of their choosing.

Our ULRs act as learning brokers for such courses and research to match the needs of the individual and sign post them to the relevant learning providers. The short online courses have a very simple enrolment process and are open to everyone, including friends and family. You can browse the available courses via The Skills Network and The New Skills Academy.

Look out for posters in your workplace advertising your local ULR. If you are a member interested in finding out more or even becoming a Union Learning Representative contact emma.penman@aslef.org.uk