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Manchester Recovery Task Force - ASLEF Response

ASLEF's response to the Manchester Recovery Task Force consultation on congestion through the Castlefield Corridor

Llwybr Newydd - Wales Transport Plan

ASLEF's response to the Welsh Government consultation on its new transport plan, Llwybr Newydd (New Path).

UK Parliament Transport Committee - Reforming public transport after the pandemic

ASLEF's response to the UK Parliament Transport Committee's call for evidence on reforms to public transport after the pandemic

Department for Transport Decarbonisation Plan - ASLEF Response

ASLEF has consistently campaigned for projects to decarbonise transport and to support a modal shift in the transport used to move both passengers and

UK Parliament Transport Committee - The Impacts of Covid-19 on the transport sector

We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide evidence to the committee on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the UK’s transport system. As a

The cover of the ASLEF Rail Franchise Handbook. It is plain red with a grey and white ASLEF logo and a black section at the bottom with the title.
Rail Franchise Handbook 2020
Sadiq Khan for London 2020 Manifesto Consultation

ASLEF played a key part in responding the consultation which formed the basis of Sadiq Khan's manifesto for re-election as the Mayor of London.

Scotland National Transport Strategy

We are pleased to have this opportunity to respond to the consultation on Scotland’s future transport strategy. While we are encouraged by the wide

Oakervee HS2 Review

The Department for Transport announced in August 2019 that Douglas Oakervee would chair an independent review of HS2.

The review was asked to

A bandage with a large red cross and the words 'we love red tape' and underneath it 'It's your choice. Red tape or more bloody bandages?'
Hazards Manifesto 2019
On Track with Diversity 2019

On Track with Diversity 2019 edition considers to what extent the 2012 recommendations were implemented and the impact they have had on extending

Light Rail and Rapid Transit Consultation

UK Government general call for evidence on how to better use and implement light rail and other rapid transit solutions in cities and towns.