Reaction to Network Rail Fine over the Carmont Rail Crash

ASLEF have reacted to the £6.7m fine given to Network Rail for the charges they faced in relation to their failures that led to the Carmont Rail crash:

Kevin Lindsay, ASLEF Scottish Organiser said:

“Our thoughts today are with Brett, Donald and Christopher and their families and friends. This is a tragedy that could and should have been avoided. This litany of failure should never, ever be allowed to happen again.”

“The sentence handed out is no comfort to ASLEF.  It cannot be right that those who presided over such fundamental failure, that played fast and loose with health and safety, ultimately costing the lives of 3 people, are able to hide behind laws that sees a faceless organisation fined and where that organisation actually pays the fine out of public money.”

“This is not justice in the truest sense of the word nor in any way does it ensure those involved are held to account. People within organisations need to be held accountable, it is them, not the organisation, that makes decisions. It is now time for the Scottish Government to again consider a change to our corporate homicide laws and make sure that they put in place laws that hold people to account should they ever play fast and loose with the lives of workers and any others as a result of their carelessness.”ends