ASLEF welcomes TfL bailout

Mick Whelan, general secretary, has welcomed the news that the government is supporting Transport for London until September.

ASLEF represents most of the Tube train drivers on London Underground.

A London Underground train is moving into a platform and is blurred. There are some people (also blurred) standing on the platform.

Mick said: 'A safe and efficient public transport network is vital for the functioning of any major city which is why we welcome the news that the government is prepared to do the right thing and has positively answered Sadiq Khan's request to plug the hole in finances left by the coronavirus crisis. It would have been a disaster for the capital, and the country, if the Tube network – and London buses – had stopped running.

'Tube train drivers are doing our bit to ensure that key workers can get to where they need to be. Now we need to ensure that LU staff, and passengers, are able to work and travel safely.

'That is why it is so important that you should only travel on the Tube if it is absolutely necessary and if the government’s advice on social distancing is properly maintained.’

Mick added: 'We now want the government to help other devolved authorities around the country which are in the same position. And we are all going to have to look very carefully at how we maintain services if the government’s social distancing guidelines are being ignored.'