ASLEF Journal - September 2021

Heart of the Union
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ASLEF in action at a virtual TUC this month

Finn Brennan was ready to rock for LBC but the show’s presenter was too busy playing tennis. Off the Rails: Iain Dale is told to take a bus; Sir Robert Mark, Cressida Dick, and corrupt coppers; Angus Lapsley drops a brick; and Nicholas Soames questions his grandpa

ASLEF’s delegates on track at London Labour

Scotland falls silent to remember Stonehaven

The government needs to step up for Eurostar



Danielle Bett responds to Hussein Ezzedine’s article on the plight of the Palestinians and explains why Israel has the right to exist

Jen Thornton on ASLEF’s new website

DO4 Nick Whitehead, who steps down this month after 18 years in position, reflects on his life on the railway and in this union

Gregor Gall detects the dark shadow of an authoritarian hand in this Tory government

Chris Proctor on political spin doctors – who Ken Follett calls ‘the rent boys of politics’



Branch Lines

Julian Vaughan, Tube train driver and two-time

Labour candidate, explains why he wants the party to adopt proportional representation as policy

Chris Longley on a journey into the heart of darkness of Billy Wilder’s family history

On Track: As Brighton rocks for Labour, we remember the founding of the party in 1900; Crossword; and your Change of Address form