ASLEF Journal November 2023

We can work it out
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  • Mark Harper goes missing in action as ASLEF steps up the pressure in our national pay dispute.
  • The Daily Excess goes loco over ASLEF and a charity that helps those who have nothing plus Off the Rails: Nick Davies on Ruper Murdoch; Richard Coles; Sarah Dines, and Ricky Gervais
  • Where's Wally? Images from the picket lines with drivers, dogs, hi-vis jackets and a cardboard cut-out of the Secretary of State for Transport


  • Stephen Smith reflects on the row over the future of HS2 and the special place the railways has always had in the British imagination
  • Kristian O'Sullivan reports on how we are helping develop the next generation of drivers
  • Strawberry fields forever: ASLEF at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool
  • Lou Haigh's public pledge on public ownership of rail; the GS lays out our vision for the future; Mick's meetings; plus Off Message: Mick Lynch; Mark Carney; Paul Routledge; two Revolutions; riflemen on the roof; and fashion to tie for
  • Labour Unions, LabourList, the Morning Star, the World Transformed, Justice for Colombia, RSSB, the RMT fringe and Debbie Reay and Susan Greenwell at the women's conference
  • Gregor Gall analyses how water privatisation has allowed a few people to get very rich at the expense of every customer (the rest of us)


  • Branch Lines and upcoming events
  • Obituaries, letters, crossword, legal services and change of address form
  • Food Adventurers: how trains (and travel) have changed the way we eat in Britain