ASLEF Journal - May 2023

Done is a battle on the dragon black
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  • Latest on our talks with 15 TOCs on drivers' pay
  • Shades of Edward Grey at Fallodon station
  • Jamie Davis runs the length of the Metropolitan Line in London to raise funds for Dementia UK
  • In memory of my son Alex: Steve Wardle helps provide defibrillators at 154 railway stations
  • Avanti contract extension: Tories reward failure
  • TfL strike: pictures from the picket lines


  • Gregor Gall on the Tories' Minimum Service Levels Bill
  • Scotland: Kevin Lindsay and Jim Baxter on the state of hte union
  • Company council reports from Scotland
  • Neil Bibby MSP with his vision for a railway run for people not profit
  • Jim Ring on the parallels between getting the railway back on track post-pandemic and public ownership after the Second World War
  • Bernard Richards gets up close with René Magritte's surrealist painting of a steam locomotive emerging from a fireplace
  • Gillian Crawley reflects on the romance of rail


  • Obituaries, letters
  • Branch news and upcoming events
  • Prize crossword