ASLEF Journal - May 2021

Elections 2021
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  • Stonehaven: NR landslip to blame for crash
  • Rodney Pitt, God's Wonderful Railway and the Great Western Star
  • Off the Rails: Ali of Radio 5 Live, Tom from the Daily Mail, Peter the Sack at the National Trust, David Akers Jones and China, and egrets, we have a few
  • Sewell report on racism a 'whitewash'
  • The ITF's Future is Public Transport campaign
  • John-Boy is looking for a little help from ASLEF



  • Floyd Doyle and Andrew Robinson report back from the TUC's Stand up to Racism conference
  • Gregor Gall hopes a phoenix will rise from the ashes of the Union Learning Fund and fly
  • Elections in England, Scotland and Wales on Thursday 6 May will set the political and industrial agenda for the next few years
  • Conrad Landin on the railway in Scotland
  • Brian Johnstone offers a timely tribute to those who died in the Tay Rail Bridge tragedy



  • Branch Lines
  • Jenny Wray reports on the Women's Trades Union Congress held online
  • Obituaries
  • Letters
  • Chris Proctor takes a socially-distanced walk along the streets, and down the years, around ASLEF's head office in Clerkenwell