ASLEF Journal - March 2023

Run the World (Girls)
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  • Now - at least - the DfT and TOCs get serious
  • David Jones in Swansea and Tam McKendrick in Edinburgh rally the troops
  • Grant Shapps 'doesn't do meetings' plus off the rails: Mary Grant and Porterbrook's PR disaster; Justin Webb and David Blunkett; Emily Sheffield on Boris Johnsons; Simon Weller suggests a show trial, and Judith Woods wields her fountain pen
  • Karen Harrison mural inspires a new generation of women to train as drivers on the main line
  • EC president Dave Calfe pays tribute to driver, driver instructor and 1A legend Mick Humphrys
  • Cancel culture: train companies told to stop fiddling the figures by p-coding axed services
  • Ben Holland reports from the ETF young workers' academy in Brussels


  • University and College Union GS Jo Grady explains why lecturers are going on strike
  • Kerry Cassidy offers a quick guide for drivers and reps about driving while pregnant
  • Debbie Reay on the new ASLEF Women's Network; Julie Clegg on adopting; Angela O'Sullivan on the cost of caring, and Jenny Wray on menstruation
  • ASLEF in action in England, Scotland and Wales to show the TOCs we mean business


  • Branch news and upcoming events
  • Obituaries, letters
  • World Book Day and the railway in literature