ASLEF Journal - March 2022

Lou Haigh - Labour is Committed to Public Ownership of the Railway
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  • Extreme ironers - running 43 miles with ironing boards on their backs
  • Quentin Blake and the BFG move in round the corner plus insight on whips in Off the Rails
  • GBR HQ: Grant Shapps goes competition crazy
  • Bonfire of the banalities as 'Tannoy spam' axed
  • Marz Colombini reports from Labour South East



  • Gregor Gall analysis how the SNP government is bringing ScotRail back into the public sector
  • Chris Proctor wonders who thought a Platinum Jubilee City Status Competition was a good idea
  • Louise Haigh, the new Shadow Transport Secretary, sets out her vision for Britain's railway
  • Conrad Landin on Boris Johnson 'one rule for the plebians, another for me and my chums'
  • Julian Vaughan: A hillsborough law would be a fitting tribute to the victims of the tragedy



  • Branch news and upcoming events
  • Obituaries
  • Fraser Massey on vodka, aliens and Brad Pitt
  • Britain's buses from market to monopoly
  • Letters