ASLEF Journal - June 2023

Strikes - there is power in a union
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  • ASLEF in action: on strike at 15 TOCs over pay
  • Ryan Sabey of The Sun is on Fantasy Island plus Off the Rail: Brian Cox and the scars of poverty; Cleo Watson writes the arse-grab of first novels; Helena Morrissey reckons the CBI is finished, and David Baddiel reflects on Dollis Hill and death
  • DafT decision on longer and heavier HGVs means whoops, there goes the government's green agenda
  • Maeve Hanley, new staff side chair of LU trains functional council and a feisty - and funny - apron
  • GS Mick Whelan hits back at Harper over the Transport Secretary's bizarre Ukraine claims
  • Terry Wilkinson steps down after 44 years on London Underground and 23 years on the EC


  • Faith on rails: Henry Russell reflects on religion on the railway in a piece about trains of thought
  • Chris Proctor gets the best seat in the house for a new film about railworkers at King's Cross
  • Striking hi-vis images from our picket lines
  • Jim Ring reveals the key part played by a little known port in Kent and the first roll-on, roll-off train ferries in supplying troops on the Western Front in the last few months of the Great War
  • Bianca Todd explains the Ron Todd foundation
  • Rorie Smith reports on the protests against President Macron's pension changes in France
  • Melanie Whitehouse remembers wild parties with gangsters, actors, glamour girls, and well-lubricated hacks on the Brighton line


  • Branch lines and upcoming events
  • Letters and obituaries
  • Prize crossword and legal services