ASLEF Journal - July 2023

ASLEF in action at AAD in Cardiff
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  • Rest day working ban imposed at 16 TOCs
  • Not so bracing: EMR does its level best to deter holidaymakers from travelling to Skegness
  • Off the Rails: Jonathan Coe, BBC, Lebedev and the mischievous NHS notice board
  • Bill Dale reports on the RMS spring forum
  • Fresh start at TPE after the company brought under the OLR


  • ASLEF in action: pictures from the picket lines
  • AAD in Cardiff
  • Chris Proctor holds his fellow hacks to account
  • Henry Russell lifts the lid on the dirty money being washed by the Tory Party


  • Branch Lines and upcoming events
  • Obituaries, letters, crossword and legal services

Cover image: Natasha Hirst