ASLEF Journal - July 2021

Freight on rail after Covid-19
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  • ASLEF and the Rail Industry Recovery Group and its new enabling framework agreement
  • Railway menu on the Darjeeling Express
  • Off the rails: Alan Jones; magic mushrooms; Simon Weller; Hornby model rails, and Jon Crace skewers Matt Hancock
  • Caitlin Moran on the thrill of taking a train
  • Ian Thompson's powerful plea for accessibility
  • Christian Carroll on the shadow of the Orient


  • Conrad Landin: politicians who made public ownership of public transport a key message won the popular vote at the elections in May
  • Simon Weller reveals what the Williams-Shapps Plan really has to say about rail freight in the UK
  • Nigel Gibson reports on problems for pensions, Varamis Rail, driving training, and electing reps
  • Maggie Simpson of Rail Freight Group plus company council reps update on the state of freight
  • Newton: Stuart Scott and Jim Walsh remember the two train drivers who died on 21 July 1991


  • Branch Lines: Ken Heydon and Pauline Cawood
  • Graham O'Mara reports on the TUC's LGBT+ online conference
  • Obituaries and Letters
  • Dave Tyson on pensions