ASLEF Journal - January 2023

- By the light of a thousand candles
By the light of a thousand candles
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  • ASLEF on strike: the state of play on negotiations
  • Robert O'Connell on ASLEF in action for food
  • Jenny Wray Zooms into the ITF's railway workers' event
  • Liz Cocks lifts the lid on coercive control
  • Angela O'Sullivan reads the TUC's new report into preventing sexual harassment
  • David Court attends the RMS forum at Low Hall



  • Priya Sippy takes the TAZARA line in Tanzania
  • Toufic Machnouk of Network Rail on in-cab signalling
  • Bernard Richards on the perils of sharing a train carriage with Virginia Woolf



  • Branch news and events
  • My Mummy is a Train Driver book launch
  • The freight train which left Berlin packed with Nazi gold as the Red Army closed in


Cover image: Inga Bystrom