ASLEF Journal - January 2022

It's time to invest in rail
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  • Solidarity by Tube train drivers on London Underground forces TfL to back down
  • Stop the Madness! What happened when Steve Bell opened AAD in Brighton
  • Off the Rails: Philip Collins on MPs who want ‘to stay in touch’; Nadine Dorries drops herself in the sticky stuff over C4; and David Hare on Strictly Come Dancing
  • Sorcerers and apprentices: DO7 Steve Austin signs up for ASLEF to a new scheme in Wales
  • GS Mick Whelan lobbies for access to clean, safe, and appropriate toilet facilities for all train drivers
  • The Prime Minister listens (for once) to us about people wearing face masks on public transport



  • Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, Maggie Simpson, and Tracy Brabin help us launch a new campaign
  • Bernard Richards reveals the passion Marcel Proust had for the little trains of Normandy
  • Mick Humphrys pays tribute to train drivers and locomotive firemen lost in the line of duty



  • Branch News and Upcoming Events
  • Points & Crossings
  • Obituaries
  • Letters and Classified Advertisements
  • Gregor Gall on the history of Tory sleaze
  • Henry Russell reflects on Kings and Castles, Warships and Westerns, and an epic journey across Russia on the Trans-Siberian Railway