ASLEF Journal - February 2024

- February 2024
ASLEF in action for a pay rise
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  • ASLEF in action with another rolling programme of on-day strikes to get the rise that you deserve
  • Angela Leighton in praise of the Rosedale railway plus Off the Rails: Rob Kitley's sideburns; Marina Hyde on Rishi Sunak, David Cameron, and the MEt's serious sex crimes unit; Jah Wabble: 'I used to be somebody'; Noddy's wake-up call; and Paul Young
  • HSTs are old and unsafe and need to be replaced
  • Chris Sneddon on the Clapham disaster service
  • John Metcalfe sees a lesson - and inspiration - in an old picture on the wall; and Rob Kitley reports on the Young Members' conference held at the ITF



  • Solomon Hughes lifts the lid on the rip-off RoSCo that is Porterbrook and how it trousers millions
  • Helen Gander reveals what it is really like to be a late-diagnosed autistic woman and 'how working on the railway really does work well for me'
  • Don't let The Sun go down on me: the lies, distortions, and rubbish of this red-top rag
  • Conrad Landin steps aboard the famous Via Rail Océan train that runs 840 miles from Montréal in Quebec to Halifax in Nova Scotia
  • Tackling the menopause: Kerry Cassidy reports on a meeting with Luke Pollard MP in Plymouth
  • Mick Cash explains what the Railway Benefit Fund is, and does, and how you can help



  • Branch lines and upcoming events; obituaries; letters; legal services, and change of address form
  • Henry Russell recalls a pledge Grant Shapps (remember him?) made an ahem. rails against the politicians who take us for fools
  • Chris Proctor reckons the story of Daniel Khalife is a less on life for Mark Harper

Cover image: Marc Loterijman