ASLEF Journal - February 2023

I always get my way if I strike for higher pay
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  • Latest: the state of play in our negotiations
  • New wheeze to cook the 'cancelled' books plus Jonathan King; the bullying HR Director and books
  • GS Mick Whelan asks you to help us help you
  • Tim Mallion is fit and ready for retirement
  • Andy Cook looks at colour vision
  • Finn Brennan reveals how the Tories' robber barons are coming for ASLEF on the Underground


  • Simon Fletcher has a lesson for the Labour Party
  • Why do we need equality? Nick Marland explains
  • ASLEF in action in England, Scotland and Wales to show the TOCs we mean business
  • Henry Russell checks for progress on restoring the old Varsity line
  • Chris Proctor on ticketing


  • Branch news and upcoming events
  • Obituaries, letters, legal services