ASLEF Journal - August 2023

Special freight edition
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Update on our ongoing dispute with 15 TOCs  

When a schoolboy met a Rolling Stone on the line to Cheltenham; Foo Fighters take the train to Glastonbury, plus Off the Rails: Stewart Lee; Carol Midgley; Beeching Cut in East Grinstead; John le Carré and his Smiley; and Katy Austin

ASLEF reps on the Grenfell Tower silent walk  


  • Freight: Simon Weller, Nigel Gibson, Andy Hourigan, and Maggie Simpson of the RFG; Seb Brady, DRS; James Glew, DBC; Barry Hare, GBRf; Peter Moss, FLIM; and Paul Zuckowski, FLHH

  • Manic Monday? From 9 to 5 and Working Girl to Career Opportunities and Part of the Union: Gregor Gall sings a few songs that celebrate the work and the struggles of working people

  • It’s murder on this train: Jane Ennis re-reads her favourite whodunits and wonders why crime writers are irresistibly drawn to the permanent way


  • Branch Lines and upcoming events
  • Obituaries, letters, crossword and legal services, and change of address form