ASLEF Journal - April 2023

The harps to which we sang are hung on willow boughs
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  • Talks with TOCs to try to settle pay dispute
  • Tube train drivers' strike brings London to a halt
  • Challenging the status quo plus Off the Rails
  • Mark Steele reports from the LESE TUC and Collette Gibson reflects on how Mark has flown the flag for ASLEF in east England for 35 years
  • Simon Armitage celebrates the Flying Scotsman
  • Di Weaver offers trades council solidarity



  • Solomon Hughes lifts the lid on fat cat bonuses for the MD and his mates at FirstGroup 275%
  • Simon Weller explains what trades council do
  • Steve Austin and Úna ByrneL FFS Switch it Off
  • Steve Austin, Andy Hudd, Daniel Masrani and Emma Penman report on the railway in Wales
  • Gregor Gall examines how the neoliberal agenda peddled by snake oil salesmen has let down Britain
  • Rob Kitley reports on the plight of the people of the occupied territories of Palestine



  • Branch news and upcoming events
  • Henry Russell remembers the value of his InterRail ticket and the sound of silence
  • Obituaries, letters, crossword and legal services