ASLEF Journal - April 2021

Flower of Scotland
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  • Latest news on Castlefield corridor campaign
  • Angie Geddes-Smith steps down after 20 years 5 as branch secretary at Birmingham New Street
  • Off the Rails: Mick Jones bunking trains
  • Iain Pattinson
  • TPE and the Duke
  • the Journal cover is all Welsh to me
  • John ‘Scot’ Hay
  • It’s the best job on the railway but has its risks
  • Franchise system fell at first (covid-19) hurdle
  • The People’s History Museum in Manchester



  • As, post-covid, people start to flee the city for the countryside Chris Proctor looks at the state
  • of rural bus services after Tory privatisation
  • DO2 Kevin Lindsay and EC3 Jim Baxter reflect on the railway, the pandemic, and Stonehaven
  • Archie Barr; Andrew Foster; James Glew; John Hay; Rab Lang; Rab Wicksted; and ScotRail company council report on the TOCs and FOCs
  • Anas Sarwar and John Finnie on the future of Scotland’s railways post-pandemic
  • Gregor Gall ponders whether the public money poured into UK companies during the covid-19 crisis will change Britain’s economic model



  • Obituaries
  • Letters
  • Points & Crossings and Classified Ads
  • Last Word: Books to read post-coronavirus
  • On Track: James This House Graham writes his way out of covid
  • Prize Crossword
  • Legal Services
  • Change of Address form