A Vision for Scotland's Railways - launch

2021-11-02 -
Array, ASLEF
The cover of the report 'A vision for Scotland's railways'. A background image of a Scotrail train is overlaid with white and pale plus lines, the title and the logos of Scotland's rail unions

On Thursday 28th October, ASLEF joined our fellow Scottish rail unions for the launch of our joint report on the future of Scotland's railways.

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The report, prepared by Unity Consulting on behalf of ASLEF, RMT, TSSA and Unite unions, details an alternative proposal for the future of the railway in Scotland.

A group of ASLEF members standing in front of banners and holding flags and signs which say 'a people's scotrail now'

This follows the publication of a proposal by the Scottish Government which would see rail services cut in Scotland, a reduced timetable and limited investment.

Rail workers are at the heart of the industry, and at the heart of Scotland's communities. That's why we are best placed to know what the future of the railway should look like.

The report details our vision for the railway, along with how it could be funded, and why the proposals would work for a wide range of people and communities.

Roz Foyer speaks into a megaphone in front of campaigners holding ASLEF flags

At the launch, Roz Foyer, General Secretary of the Scottish TUC, introduced the report and representatives from each of the unions spoke about the need to listen to workers, understand their perspectives and work together to secure the best possible future for the railway in Scotland.

MSPs in front of the Scottish Parliament holding copies of the joint unions Scotland report

MSPs from all parties attended, and the crowd also heart from a spokesperson from each party. Across the political spectrum there was broad support for the report, and for working with rail workers as plans are developed for the future of rail in Scotland.

Kevin Lindsay speaking into a megaphone in front of campaigners and press

ASLEF's Kevin Lindsay spoke about the need to consider this report as the beginning of a conversation. Rail workers are keen to continue the dialogue with MSPs and the Scottish Government and work together to develop the best possible railway for the future.

You can download and read the full report here.

If you want to find out more about the proposals, and hear speakers from Scotland's rail unions, join us at Webster's Theatre in Glasgow on Wednesday 10th November for an alternative COP26 event discussing our vision for Scotland's railway and its role in tackling the climate emergency. 

A Scotrail train with the details of the event over the top