RSSB Fatigue and Alertness Survey

2023-09-25 -
RSSB fatigue survey graphic with a picture of a train and emotion graphics

The RSSB has launched its Rail Industry Fatigue and Alertness Survey 2023 to help understand the risks of fatigue in the rail industry.

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Five years on from the original Rail Industry Fatigue and Alertness Survey, the RSSB are looking to build on their understanding of fatigue and alertness by conducting another industry-wide survey.

The aim of the survey is twofold, firstly to better understand the risks of fatigue in the rail industry and contribute to a more proactive approach to managing it, and secondly to compare and contrast with the previous survey to understand the direction of travel, what initiatives are working and where more needs to be done.

The Survey opens on Monday 25th September, and will close on 8th November 2023.

RSSB is asking rail industry workers* to take part in an anonymous survey and share their experiences.

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*except for those who work in LNER and Freightliner, as they have opted out of the survey this time due to other priority fatigue work being completed in those companies.

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