Remembering the Newton rail crash

2021-07-21 -
Array, ASLEF
A memorial plaque with flower wreaths laid in front of it. One of the wreaths has the ASLEF logo on its card

Today we marked the 30th anniversary of the Newton rail tragedy when two drivers – ASLEF members Reginald McEwan, 61, and David Scott, 27 – and two passengers – Kenneth Meechan, 20, and Tracy Donnachie, 18 – lost their lives.

A short service of commemoration was held this morning at Newton station, led by Railway Chaplain Graham Whitehead.

Kevin Lindsay standing at the memorial after laying the ASLEF wreath

ASLEF's Organiser in Scotland, Kevin Lindsay, attended the memorial and laid a wreath on behalf of ASLEF.

Stuart Scott, Motherwell branch, who is the brother of David Scott, one of the two drivers killed in the crash, also laid a wreath and made a short speech.

A wreath was also laid in memory of the victims by ScotRail head of drivers Mark Ilderton.

As we remember tragic events like the crash at Newton thirty years ago today, it is important to continue to be mindful of the need to keep our railway safe for passengers and for staff, now and into the future.

We must never forget the lessons of this tragedy.

three floral wreaths laid at the memorial for the newton rail crash
Stuart Scott laying a wreath at the memorial site

Both Kevin Lindsay and general secretary Mick Whelan commented to the press ahead of the anniversary.