Protect Your Right to Strike - March and Rally

2024-01-04 -
a picture of people marching with text that says protect the right to strike march and rally join us at montpelier gardens cheltenham saturday 17 january 12pm

Our workers rights are under attack again

Join the TUC, trades unionists and campaigners on Saturday 27 January to celebrate history, protest against the government and stand up for your rights.


Timings and location 

12 noon - gather at Montpellier Gardens, Cheltenham

12:30 - march through town centre to Pittville Park 

13:30 - rally in the Tolpuddle Tent at Pittville Park 


Ban of trade unions at GCHQ and the union fightback 

Forty years ago – on 25th Jan 1984 - Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government attacked trade union rights at GCHQ. Union members were told to resign their membership or be sacked. After a long campaign marked by the fortitude of the workers and their families, and the solidarity of the whole movement, they were reinstated when an incoming Labour government repealed the ban. 

Today, the government is restricting the right to strike for over five million workers. The right to strike is a fundamental British liberty. We must defend it at all costs. 

We have won before. We will win again.  


Threats to union rights today 

The fight for our union rights is not over. Last year, the Tories launched their latest move to restrict workers’ rights, introducing the Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Act.

The law stipulates that when workers in certain sectors lawfully vote to strike, they could be forced to attend work – and sacked if they don’t comply. This undemocratic new law could curtail the right to strike for 1 in 5 workers, including those on the railway. This is the last thing our crumbling public services or our dedicated frontline workers need.

We won’t stand by and let workers get sacked for defending their pay and conditions. And we won’t rest until this law has been repealed. Our message is loud and clear. The entire trade union movement will rally behind any worker who loses their fundamental right to strike. 


Join the ASLEF group at the march 

This attack on our rights started with train drivers as the government wants to destroy our terms and conditions and push the railway into managed decline.

We have stood against these damaging proposals and we must continue to do so. Join the ASLEF group on the 27 January to show the government we will not be beaten.

Please contact your branch or District representatives if you have any questions.

You can register to attend via the TUC Website here.