Lip Reading - Disability History Month

2020-11-23 -
Array, ASLEF
John McCue is wearing a face covering and standing in the doorway of a train cab

UK Disability History Month runs from 18 November - 18 December 2020. ASLEF is marking the month with a series of blogs from members of our Disabled Members Forum, sharing their experiences of disability in the workplace.


John McCue writes about lip reading:

During this pandemic that we find ourselves in, it has become very obvious to myself how very much disabled I am.

Having a loss of hearing is not ideal at the best of times but during these times when everyone is wearing face masks it is increasingly harder to hear people talking or even who's talking when in a bothy full of other staff and everyone's face is covered.

I hadn't thought about it before, but it has become clear how much I have been relying on lip reading!

Because of this I have noticed how stressed and anxious I am feeling trying to listen to work colleagues. As soon as you move towards them to hear they obviously take a step back!

I think I have had tell people that I am deaf more times in the last few months than in the previous 3 years.


This is part of a series of blog posts marking Disability History Month, written by members of ASLEF's Disabled Members Forum.