Coronavirus Pandemic - Updates

2021-01-21 -
a microscope close-up of the covid-19 virus, coloured in red and blue

This page will be updated through the ongoing Coronavirus crisis with the latest information from ASLEF and the team at Head Office.

If you have any questions not covered on this page, please email or contact your local reps.

Last updated: Thursday 21st January 2021

Temporary Head Office Changes

  • Staff at head office will be moving to working from home where possible, and for as long as necessary. Unfortunately, this may mean that some services are affected.
  • Any correspondence sent by post to head office should also be sent by email (with scanned copies of associated paperwork), in case postal services are affected.
  • Please continue to contact branch secretaries, LDCs, company council reps and, if need be, district organisers as usual.


Meetings and Events

  • Meetings have now resumed using video-conferencing software so members can join remotely. Contact your branch secretary if you need further information on your local meetings.


Other Internal and Industrial Issues

The Executive Committee continue to meet regularly via video conferencing, and are providing bulletin updates on specific issues affecting drivers around the country.

To read the bulletins, log in to the members section of this website, or check on the ASLEF closed Facebook group.


Covid-19 Working Guidance

ASLEF has produced a guidance document for reps to use during the pandemic. You can view the guide online here.


Rail Industry Coronavirus Joint Forum

The trade unions and industry leaders have agreed to set up a Rail Industry Coronavirus Joint Forum to engage at a senior level and support the industry's response through this crisis.

Click here to read updates from the joint forum:

Update 1

Update 2

The forum has produced a set of Emergency Working Principles. Click here to download the announcement.


3 July 2020:

A revised version of guidance on social distance for rail operators has been produced by the forum. Click here to download the guidance.


Pension Scheme Queries

The majority of the railway pensions scheme's staff are now working from home, balancing their commitments to those they care for, with continuing to deliver service to scheme members. They also took the step early on to isolate key teams and individuals aligned to critical functions, including pensioner payroll. RPMI took these actions to ensure they were positioned to maintain as normal a service as possible.

However, these are not normal times and the scheme expected to come to a point where they would need to start prioritising the services they were able to deliver. They are now at that point.

As such, please find a pack here that clarifies what they will be focusing on as a business and how they will support you and the scheme.


Online Shop

Due to the temporary closure of Head Office, no online shop orders can be processed and the shop is currently closed. 

The shop will re-open when Head Office is open.