Better Driving Cabs Report Launch

2022-07-19 -
Array, ASLEF
Khalid Rana sits in the driving cab of a stationary MTR Elizabeth Line train. He is pointing to a button on the dashboard and speaking to the camera

On 14 April 2022 we launched our Better Driving Cabs report on driving cab conditions across the country.

Over 1000 drivers responded to our survey to find out about conditions in driving cabs and how they can affect everything from comfort to stress to physical health.

You can read the full report here.

At the launch event, hosted by MTR Elizabeth Line at Woolwich Station, ASLEF representatives and industry officials came together to find out more about how ASLEF and MTR have worked together to ensure that the design of the brand new Elizabeth Line cabs is the best it can be.

Poorly designed cabs can be uncomfortable, too hot in summer and too cold in winter, and hard to adjust for people of different body shapes and sizes. A good quality cab is clean, adjustable and able to be temperature controlled.

Find out more about the Better Driving Cabs campaign here.

Following a trip on the (at the time pre-opening) Elizabeth Line to see the cabs, representatives from MTR and ASLEF introduced the report and gave attendees an opportunity to discuss the cab design process and find out more about working with ASLEF to ensure that cabs are as high quality as possible both for new and reconditioned rolling stock.

three photos of people speaking standing next to an ASLEF banner
A group of people including Mick Whelan and ASLEF officers on an Elizabeth Line train talking and laughing
Three photos of Mick Whelan and Andrew Hudd speaking next to an ASLEF banner and holding the better driving cabs report