ASLEF victory against proposed Covid disciplinary action

2021-07-02 -
A London Underground train is moving into a platform and is blurred. There are some people (also blurred) standing on the platform.

ASLEF reps have fought back against a policy which could have seen London Underground drivers disciplined for following the rules on Covid-19.

At a scheduled meeting with trade unions on Thursday 1st July, London Underground management announced plans to count Covid-related absence from work as an item under the Attendance at Work procedure.

This procedure would mean drivers absent due to Covid-19 - either having contracted the disease or as a result of being asked by Track and Trace to isolate - could have faced disciplinary action.

Management also suggested that drivers should turn off the NHS Covid-19 app while at work, a clear attempt to push staff to ignore the law on self isolation, and presenting a risk to the safety of ASLEF members and others.

We all want to keep London moving and, as key workers, ASLEF members have worked throughout the pandemic driving trains both in London and across the country. Nobody can doubt our commitment to keeping public transport safe and reliable for all.

ASLEF members always stand together against attempts to compromise safety at work, or the safety of the public and this was no exception. Our reps stood up to management and forced a change of plan, so that thankfully drivers will be able to follow the rules to keep all our communities safe and not face discipline if they catch Covid-19.


If you’re a train driver but not yet a member of ASLEF, join now. Our safety, rights and conditions are better protected when we stand together.