AAD 2022: Day 2

2022-05-17 -
Array, ASLEF
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AAD continued today with more debates on union policy and a number of guest speakers joining conference to tell delegates about their work.



17 May is International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia so LGBT+ representative committee delegate brought a motion to the floor to mark the day and reinforce ASLEF’s commitment to fighting all forms of discrimination in the workplace and in the wider community.

Delegates also voted to make a donation to Mind Out, an LGBTQ+ mental health charity.

LGBT+ Representative Committee delegate Ben Wallington explained why the motion matters:

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One of today’s guest speakers was Leila Zadeh from the organisation Rainbow Migration which works with LGBT+ refugees and asylum seekers, offering practical help and support with the legal processes they need to follow to seek asylum in the UK. Conference also voted to make a donation to Rainbow Migration to support this important work.

Leila Zadeh speaks at a lectern with an ASLEF logo on it


Women in Rail

Christine Fernandes speaking at a lectern with an aslef logo on

Christine Fernandes, Chair of Women in Rail, spoke to delegates this morning about the organisation’s work to diversify the rail industry and plans to increase the amount of work they do within operational grades like train driving.

A lively discussion took place with delegates asking questions about how to support women members in their own branches and to ensure that our industry is welcoming to everyone.



Howard Kaye, Executive Member for District 5 and trustee director of the Railways Pension Scheme, spoke to conference today about the status of the scheme. Conference thanked outgoing trustee director David Tyson for his work over the years and wished Howard all the best in is new role.


Debates of the day

Angela O'Sullivan from ASLEF's women's representative committee speaks at a lectern

Debate on day 2 ranged from how we can ensure that drivers working now and joining the industry in the future have access to travel on the rail network, to the shocking state of toilet facilities on the railway.

Delegates shared their stories of difficulties accessing appropriate hygiene facilities as well as the impacts of becoming medically unable to drive and the traumatic impact of suffering a fatality or serious collision.



Dave Smith speaks at a lectern with an ASLEF logo on it

Conference welcomed Dave Smith from the Blacklist Support Group who explained the reality of the systematic blacklisting of trade union activists in the construction industry.

The story of how multinational companies work to keep representation for workers out of the construction industry is shocking and delegates showed their support for Dave and his colleagues who are fighting to counter this practice.


Bournemouth Branch Social

In the evening, Bournemouth branch hosted a social evening which included presentations of long service badges to local members, and retirement certificates to a number of branch stalwarts. The General Secretary and Executive Member for District 1 were at the event to present the badges and certificates.

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