AAD 2021: Day 4

2021-05-20 -
Array, ASLEF
Livia Spera speaks on screen. Behind her are logos of the European Transport Workers Federation


On Wednesday, conference was joined by Gary Portsmouth, Head of Rail Operations and the Rail Safety & Standards Board. He's responsible for developing, maintaining, and publishing operational railway group standards, including the rule book.

Gary gave a thoughtful presentation, with slides on screen, about the impact on our industry of covid-19, including the key role played by the Rail Industry Coronavirus Forum working group on which Assistant General Secretary Simon Weller and vice-president Andy Hudd played key roles.


Activism in the union

Rob Kitley, Young Members Representative Committee, speaking about activism on Wednesday afternoon, said 'Joining the union isn't an insurance policy. It's about pay, terms and conditions, job security, and all the things we are talking about this week.'


Livia Spera

Livia Spera, Acting General Secretary of the European Transport Workers' Federation (ETF), also joined conference on Wednesday morning to deliver a solidarity message from Brussels, praising Assistant General Secretary Simon Weller for his work with the ETF in Belgium.


No more managers driving trains

A motion instructing our negotiators that 'no more productivity or pay deals are to be negotiated' allowing driver managers to drive trains because of a driver shortage caused by a company failing to employ enough drivers, was carried 77-1 on Thursday afternoon. 'It's simple,' said Chris Windsor, Worcester. 'Drivers drive, managers manage'.

Jeremy Murfin, Machynlleth, added: 'What incentive do TOCs have to recruit more drivers if they can sweat their managers a little more?' And Christian Carroll, Waterloo Nine Elms, said: 'Companies should run a full establishment and employ more drivers.'