Footplate Fatalities - a history

2021-12-09 -
Array, ASLEF

Driver assessor Mick Humphrys, chair of our Euston branch, pays tribute with Dave Calfe, executive committee member for District 6, to the train drivers who have died on the footplate in Britain.

EC President Dave Calfe and I have put together a document listing, in chronological order, footplate crew who have, sadly, lost their lives due to accidents whilst carrying out their duties on the railway. Inspired by the Hixon and other memorials erected to ensure their names are not forgotten, we hope our small effort goes some way in doing the same. 

Whilst doing the research, reading through extensive British Rail archives, I became profoundly aware of how so much has changed over the decades; but, also, how some things are very much still the same. The job of a train driver is, and has always been, a highly skilled one and, although the practical physical element has, in many cases, been reduced, a different skill set is now required.

A mantra I state to new trainee drivers is, ‘What makes our job of driving trains so hard is that, at times, it can seem so easy’. I was reminded, recently, by Nick Westcott, operations director at Avanti West Coast, that when accompanying visitors in the cab and watching an expert driver’s seemingly effortless control of his train he recounts the other mantra, that ‘drivers are not only paid for what they do, but for what they know’!

With my form of driving primarily dealing with 125mph class 1 trains, running under green signals, with prolonged periods of time with apparently very little to do, a friend and colleague, Stuart Hammond (a long serving health & safety rep) offered another piece of advice, speaking of how, whilst in the chair, his regular eye sweep of all the train systems and controls ‘reminds me that I’m actually driving a train at 125mph’.

My colleagues on intense commuter and freight services face the challenges that these types of workings present, ie multiple stopping services or long heavy freight trains, both often with the additional workload of driver-only operation.

We adopt our own methods to maintain the huge levels of concentration required to safely transport our passengers or goods, each and every time, to mitigate against the ever present danger of that split-second loss of concentration, and the consequences that could result. Although not the greatest fan of buzz words and fancy phrases, one I am on board with is ‘situational awareness’ which describes what we must maintain, not letting that idle irrelevant thought or distraction work its way to the front of our brain.

‘We must try to sleep when we are not tired’

We also, of course, have to deal with the fact that our whole way of life must adapt to constant shift work to enable us to carry out our driving role. We must try to sleep when we are not tired; eat when not hungry, and be prepared for long periods unable to leave the controls. Another career-long friend, Eddie Darvesh, whilst being treated for a serious medical condition showed a copy of his roster to his consultant; after looking at it for a couple of minutes the shocked specialist said, ‘as a train driver you don’t work shift work you work shift work on steroids!’

Regardless of the form of traction we are driving we all face constant in-depth monitoring of our driving skills and actions, with multiple forms of cameras, on-train data recorders, extremely accurate train monitoring systems, and instant notification from numerous sources of any mistake or error, not least any other railway employee observing us and, indeed, passengers on our trains. We must prove our skills, as we always have done, and maintain exceptional levels of competency on every turn of duty. We have an error threshold of near zero and, as in the past when drivers said, ‘We cannot put our mistakes in the wastepaper bin or Tipp-Ex them out’, today we know we have no delete button.

In compiling the list I became acutely aware of just how many accidents resulted in rules being amended or corrected and advances in even basic simple technology being implemented. The old adage ‘We learn from our mistakes’ combined to bring about the introduction of further safeguards.

An example was when, on 8 November 1952, the 21:46 Ascot to Guildford service, formed of a 1937 2-BIL EMU driven by 62-year-old Driver (Motorman) H Tullet, suffered brake failure due to loss of main air supply after a compressor fuse rupture and was in a collision with a light steam engine. It seems inconceivable now but these units were not built with a low main air governor fitted.

The investigating officer, Brigadier CA Langley, after criticizing Motorman Tullet for not observing the dimly lit duplex air gauge, recommended the fitment of such control governors stating, ‘The provision of this additional safeguard should ensure that an accident of this type cannot happen again’. Motorman Tullet was unable to defend his actions having been killed in the accident!

Another example, in the same year, was the horrific Harrow and Wealdstone accident on 8 October when the up Perth sleeper service failed to act at a distant signal and pass two home signals at danger. Patchy fog was definitely a factor as fog signalmen working (the provision of a detonator being placed by hand on the rail should a distant signal be at caution during fog) was withdrawn only nine minutes previously as visibility had improved enough to conform to the rule.

The Perth express, driven by Driver R Jones with his fireman C Turnock, ran into a stationary Tring to Euston local service in the platform, and almost immediately after a down Liverpool service ran into the resulting wreckage. 112 people lost their lives. No Automatic Warning System (AWS) was in operation at the time.

The Western region did have automatic train control (ATC) developed over previous years by the Great Western Railway and the forerunner of AWS, while the London Midland were trailing the contactless AWS more similar in use to the systems later adopted and in use to this day.

Lieutenant Colonel GRS Wilson, the investigating officer, after first stating ‘The very occasional failures which have occurred give no grounds for loss of confidence in British railway engine drivers as a whole’, highly recommended the speeding up and implementation of a robust and fully developed AWS/ATC system!

On 18 May 1969 a low-speed collision with fatal consequences brought about a rulebook change when Driver W Brown lost his life whilst driving his Class 50 locomotive on the 22:15 Euston to Glasgow. His train was permitted in the rules to assist the failed 21:30 Euston to Inverness service, which had slipped to a stand near the top of Beattock summit, in the rear without being coupled on too. The Glasgow consist with the Beattock pilot engine attached on the rear pushed the struggling Inverness up the steep embankment, the Inverness managed to pull away from its assistance, creating a gap of several yards until it suddenly stopped dead once more.

Unfortunately, Driver Brown was unable to stop in time and collided with the rear of the Inverness at approximately 10mph. Despite this relatively slow speed, damage was sufficient to cause Driver Brown and his second man R Lunny to become trapped in their cab, with Driver Brown very sadly passing away before he could be cut free. Major P Olver concluded that the instruction concerning assisting was not comprehensive and unclear; he was, however, pleased that a new rule ‘179a’ had already been implemented clearly stating that in such circumstances the assisting train must be coupled to the failed train.

‘An extremely safe method of travel’

Over the previous decades, the railway with the introduction of rule and regulations changes and new safeguarding technology combined with the drivers’ continued professionalism have made the railway an extremely safe method of travel and we all wish to keep and remain safe!

We are acutely aware that this accident list is in no way comprehensive and other footplate crew have very sadly lost their lives whilst carrying out their duties, but only accidents where official documents and reports that could be found and accessed were added to the compilation. It is, however, in memory of all who have lost their lives in the line of duty on the railway…  

See the list below or download it as a pdf document here.

23/01/1948 | London Bridge

EJ Watson, 54 (Driver Motorman); BH Peddleson, 45 (Passed Fireman)

Traction: EMU

08:05 Seaford to London Bridge SPAD then head on collision with stationary Newcross Gate ECS Service

07/03/1948 | Lamington

John Wetton (Driver)

Traction: 6224

21:25 Glasgow to Euston engine suffered a firebox failure due to shortage of water not indicated by faulty water gauge

18/05/1948 | Wath Road Junction

BE Wilshire (Driver)

Traction: Class 5XP 5609

11:45 St Pancras to Bradford derailed due to track defect caused by expansion caused by hot weather

17/07/1948 | New Southgate

AE Young (Fireman, Kings Cross)

Traction: A2 60508

19:50 Edinburgh to Kings Cross derailed due to train defect

19/11/1948 | Woolwich Arsenal

GW Hewitt, 47 (Driver Motorman, Slade Green Depot)

Traction: 4-SUB

12.28 Charing Cross to Dartford service SAS SPAD at Woolwich Dockyard and run into stationary 12.17 Cannon Street to Gravesend which was standing at the platform in Woolwich Arsenal Station.

09/01/1949 | Loughborough

B Brewin (Driver)

Traction: Class 0-4

10:45 Annesley to Woodford Class A freight service derailed after running into permanent way works where 2 rails had been removed 

19/08/1949 | Queens Park

ST Tickner (Motorman); PJ Rouke (Motorman)

Traction: 1938 Bakerloo Stock

ECS in head on collision with stationary ECS train

30/09/1949 | Mangotsfield

Raymond Alex Victor John (Fireman, Goucester Depot)

Traction: Class 5 44745

Fireman whilst working 13:58 Derby to Bristol parcels service observing signals was struck on the head by the open door on a box van on an adjacent road

04/10/1949 | Oakley

JW Bailey (Driver); CH Edwards (Fireman)

Traction: Class 8F

13:35 Wellingborough to Brent freight running on clear signals in rear end collision with 12:40 Wellingborough to Brent freight

27/11/1949 | Strathmiglo

P Robertson (Driver, Ladybank Shed)

Traction: Class 3F

Ballast train derailed after running into section of line where rail had been removed

07/03/1950 | Witham

W Hagger (Fireman)

Traction: Class B1

23:00 Peterborough to Liverpool Street express mail service SPAD then in rear end collision with Class A mineral train from Whitemoor to Witham

23/10/1950 | Kirkbride

TW Jackson (Driver, Canal Motive Power Depot); K Peason (Fireman, Canal Motive Power Depot)

Traction: Class J-39 64880

13:15 Carlisle to Silloth derailed and engine overturned due to poor condition of track

27/12/1950 | Thostle Nest East Junction

J Hadfield (Fireman)

Traction: Class J-11; Class 2P

Light Engine from Deansgate Goods to Gorton shed detained at a signal then 07:35 Manchester Central to Liverpool incorrectly signalled onto same line resulting in rear end collision

05/08/1951 | Ford

Sherwood (Driver)

Traction: EMU

11:17 Brighton to Portsmouth SPAD then run into stationary 10:47 Three Bridges to Bognor

17/08/1951 | Newcastle Central

RH Heir (Driver)

Traction: EMU

10:35 Newcastle via Wallsend circular SAS SPAD then head on collision with 09:35 Newcastle via Benton

08/10/1952 | Harrow

Robert S Jones, 43 (Driver, Crewe North Shed)

Colin Turnock, 23 (Fireman, Crewe North Shed)

Albert Perkins, 51 (Driver, Edge Hill Depot)

Traction: Class 8P 46242; Class 6P 45637

20:15 Perth to Euston missed distant signals and SPAD, then run into stationary 0731 local service from Tring to Euston. 08:00 Euston to Liverpool service run into the resulting wreckage

08/11/1952 | Guildford

H Tullett, 62 (Driver Motorman)

Traction: EMU 2-BIL 2133; Class 700 30693

21:46 Ascot to Guildford in collision with light engine due to loss of main air pressure due to compressor fuse blowing and resulted in brake failure

24/04/1953 | Granton Harbour, near Edinburgh

William Dick (Driver)

Traction: 64528; 62461

Light engine 62461 run into stationary 64528 attached to 2 brake vans on a permissive branch line 

09/06/1953 | Gollanfield Junction

Urquhard, 55 (Driver, Inverness Deport); Un-named Fireman

Traction: Class 5; Class 3

17:45 Keith to Inverness unfitted freight SPAD then in head on collision with 20:17 Inverness to Keith passenger service

15/08/1953 | Irk Valley Junction near Manchester Victoria

Hardman, 64 (Driver Motorman)

Traction: EMU

07:20 Bury to Manchester Victoria service SPAD then in collision with 07:36 Manchester Victoria to Bacup

17/12/1953 | Logniddry Junction

Robert McKenzie, 25 (Fireman)

Traction: Class 7

00:41 Edinburgh to Kings Cross Parcel service hit an obstruction then derailed

17/11/1954 | Betley Road

GRK Speed, 60 (Driver, Camden Depot)

Traction: Class 6P

00:45 Camden to Carlisle Class D freight service SPAD then in rear collision with 03:00 Nuneaton to Crewe Class E freight service

23/01/1955 | Sutton Coalfield

HE Allen, 57 (Driver, Burton Depot); JTA Howell (Fireman, Gloucester Depot)

Traction: Class 5 45274

12:15 York to Bristol service derailed due to excessive speed

20/04/1955 | Dunstable

L Capp (Fireman)

Traction: Class 2 41222

08:30 Luton Bute Street to Leighton Buzzard severe fire on engine due to blow back caused by incorrect operation of engine

28/05/1955 | Wormit

John Cowie, 32 (Fireman, Dundee Depot)

Traction: Class 5 45458

18:53 Tayport to Dundee Tay Bridge school excursion derailed due to excessive speed

07/08/1955 | Barby Sidings near Rugby

C Simpson, 54 (Driver, Neasden Depot)

Traction: Class V2

10:35 Manchester to Marylebone service excessive speed when crossing to up line during single line working

02/12/1955 | Barnes

WG Flanders (Driver Motorman)

Traction: 1853; 1857

23:12 Waterloo to Windsor service running under clear signals in a rear end collision with 22:55 freight service Battersea to Brent due to irregular operation of signal block instruments by Barnes signalman

09/02/1957 | Chapel-En-Le-Firth

John Axon GC, 57 (Driver, Edgeley Depot)

Traction: Class 8F 48188

11:05 Buxton to Arpley freight train suffered a fractured steam pipe to the brake on engine preventing crew being able to stop

25/08/1958 | Eastbourne

C Brock (Driver Motorman)

Traction: Standard Class 5 73042 EMU

19:45 Glasgow to Eastbourne SPAD then in head on collision with 06:47 Ore to London Bridge

15/09/1959 | Stobswood Occupation Level Crossing

Barrett (Driver)

Traction: DMU

10:35 Alnwick to Newcastle in a collision with a lorry on level crossing allowed onto crossing by crossing keeper who had failed to obtain signallers permission

04/11/1959 | West Sleekburn

W Awnley (Driver); RM Thompson (Fireman)

Traction: J-27 0-6-0 steam engine

Up Mineral train SPAD after entering section under warning arrangement then head on collision with Down Mineral train

01/04/1960 | Herne Hill Sorting Services

E Farnam (Driver Motorman)

Traction: EMU; Class 0-6-0 steam engine

06:14 Down electric Holborn Viaduct to West Croydon in a head on collision with stationary steam engine

24/11/1960 | Pontrhydyfen and Cwmavon

Unnamed Driver and Fireman

Traction: 0-6-0 steam engine; DMU Class 57

18:25 Cymmer Afan to Aberavon freight train SPAD  due to insufficient brake force available then in a head on collision with 16:55 Swansea High Street to Barry Island

16/07/1961 | Singleton Bank

T Shw (Driver)

Traction: DMU

08:50 Colne to Fleetwood in rear end collision with ballast train operating in a possession

07/12/1961 | Bodmin

S Parnell (Driver, Wadebridge Depot)

Traction: Class 8750 Pannier Tank

06:58 Bodmin to Wadebridge SPAD then in side collision with freight train shunting

25/01/1963 | Bracebridge Gas Sidings

Unnamed Driver and trainee Driver

Traction: DMU

10:26 Grantham to Lincoln Central in a head on collision with a stationary light steam engine which had been “forgotten” by the signalman

15/08/1963 | Knowle & Dorridge

Ernie Morris, 63 (Driver, Wolverhampton Depot); Sid Bench, 63 (Driver, Stafford Road Depot); David Corkery, 31 (Fireman)

Traction: Type 4 (Class 52) D1040

13:00 Pullman service from Birmingham Snow Hill to Paddington in a rear collision with freight train

06/12/1963 | Stanton Gate

DC Vincent, 37 (Driver, Leicester Depot); R Carter (Fireman, Leicester Depot)

Traction: Type 4 (Class 40) D94

22:40 Class 4 freight Leeds to Leicester SPAD then in rear collision with 01:00 Class 8 freight Toton to Woodhouse Mill

05/03/1964 | Itchingfield Junction

M Guppy, 32 (Driver, Brighton Depot); J Myles, 21 (Fireman, Brighton Depot)

Traction: Type 3 (Class 33) D6502

02:00 class 7 Brighton to Three Bridges SPAD then in side on collision with 02:30 Class 6 Three Bridges to Chichester

03/06/1964 | Bradford Exchange

JA Smith, 63 (Driver)

Traction: DMU M51944

16:25 Manchester to Leeds SPAD then in a head on collision with stationary steam engine at head of parcels train

29/03/1965 | Elm Park

Unnamed Driver

Traction: AM2 245

19:10 Fenchurch Street to Shoeburyness struck metal object placed deliberately on track then derailed

22/08/1965 | East Langton

L Blackwell (Driver)

Traction: Type 2 (Class 25)

18:45 7F02 Leicester to Wellingborough service overloaded causing SPAD then in a rear end collision with 7F48 Coalville to Wellingborough 

13/05/1966 | Acton Grange

Unnamed Driver and Fireman

Traction: Type 4 (Class 40) D322

20:40 Euston to Stranraer service in a head on Collision with vehicles broke away from 23:00 Northwich to St Helens class 8 freight train.

28/02/1967 | Stechford

Walter Duncan Burt, 62 (Driver, Stoke Depot)

Traction: Class 304 304026

13:15 Manchester to Coventry service in a collision with Locomotive making an unauthorised run round shunting movement involving a Ballast train 

06/01/1968 | Hixon

Stanley Turner, 49 (Driver, Euston Depot); Frank Toghill, 28 (Secondman, Euston Depot); John Artkinson, 49 (Driver, Longsight Depot)

Traction: AL 1 (Class 81) E3009

11:30 Manchester to Euston service in a collision with a transformer at a level crossing

11/03/1968 | Peterborough

JL Lee, 50 (Driver, Burton-On-Trent Depot); JA Theobald, 44 (Driver, Toton Depot)

Traction: Type 4 (Class 45) D115

17:00 Special freight service Drakelow to Fletton in a rear end collision with 17:54 West Burton to Fletton freight train on permissive Up Goods line 

28/03/1968 | Hatfield

CS Kilford, 33 (Driver); RM Smith, 21 (Secondman)

Traction: Type 2 (Class 31) 5622

Temple Mills to Welwyn Garden City loose coupled freight service lost brake control and in collision with buffer stops at end of goods loop

09/09/1968 | Castlecary

W McIntosh (Driver, Perth Depot); R Birrell (Secondman, Perth Depot)

Traction: Type 2 (Class 24) 5122

Light engine from Glasgow to Perth in a rear end collision with stationary 08:46 Glasgow to Edinburgh

23/09/1968 | Neasden

Thompson (Trainee Driver)

Traction: Battery Locomotive L24

Ballast train SPAD then in rear end collision with stationary Bakerloo train

04/01/1969 | Paddock Wood

Harvey, 38 (Driver)

Traction: 4-CEP 7181

20:00 Charing Cross to Ramsgate service SPAD then in a rear collision with 19:18 London Bridge to Dover Priory Parcel service

08/04/1969 | Monmore Green

WA West (Driver, Coventry Depot); G Pack (Driver, Burton-On-Trent Depot)

Traction: Class 310; Type 4 (Class 47) 1908

14:15 Wolverhampton to Coventry service SPAD than involved then in a head on collision with 06:30 Freight service Chesterfield to Wolverhampton New Depot

18/05/1969 | Beattock

W Brown (Driver)

Traction: Class 50

22:15 Euston to Glasgow service in a rear end collision whilst assisting failed 21:30 Euston to Inverness

31/12/1969 | Roade

Unnamed Driver

Traction: Class 310

10:34 Coventry to Euston in collision with 8B73 10:12 Willesden to Northampton service which had derailed after a 16t wagon axle failed

16/12/1971 | Lenton South Junction Nottingham

GB Stone, 53 (Driver, Nottingham Depot); FC Caborn, 45 (Driver, Nottingham Depot)

Traction: Type 2 (Class 25) 7605; Type 1 (Class 20) 8115 & 8142

4D02 Liverpool Lime street to Nottingham Parcels service SPAD then in a head on collision with 9L14 special freight service Bestwood Park to Derby Gasworks

06/09/1972 | Humberstone Road Junction

MT Denman (Senior Secondman, Leicester Depot)

Traction: Class 47 1635

19:55 Castle Bromwich to Ketton freight in a rear collision with freight vehicles

27/04/1973 | Kidsgrove

Henry Green (Secondman, Stoke On Trent Depot)

Traction: Class 24 5042 & 5049

8K52 02:20 Ordsall Lane to Creswell SPAD then involved in a rear end collision with 1k00 03:55 newspaper service Crewe to Stoke on Trent

12/07/1973 | Horsham

Erol Patrick Arbuckle, 31 (Driver, Waterloo Depot)

Traction: 4-Sub 4635

ECS SPAD disc type shunting signals then run though trap points into a wall crushing cab

30/08/1973 | Shields Junction

James Spencer, 50 (Driver, Glasgow Central Depot)

Traction: Class 303

1N40 21.35 Wemyss to Glasgow service SPAD then involved in a rear end collision with 1A74 21.10 Ayr to Glasgow Central

23/01/1975 | Watford

Jeffrey Samuel Harvey Carter, 57 (Driver, Stoke Depot)

Traction: Class 83 83003

1A81 19:10 Manchester to Euston Derailed south of Watford due to hitting obstruction (pallet fell from proceeding freight train) Then stuck by 1S18 22:15 Euston to Glasgow

28/02/1975 | Moorgate

LB Newson, 56 (Motorman, Drayton Park Depot)

Traction: Train 272 1938 Stock 11175

08:39 Drayton Park to Moorgate service failed to stop at terminus and run into a dead end bay

03/01/1976 | Worcester Tunnel Junction

AJE Jenkins, 62 (Driver, Gloucester Depot)

Traction: Class 52 1055

Light Locomotive in a rear end collision with 3V01 05.30 Birmingham Curzon Street to Worcester Shrub Hill during Time interval Working

05/09/1977 | Farnley Junction

Watson (Driver, Leeds Holbeck Depot); Shore (Driver, Leeds Holbeck Depot)

Traction: Class E51959 ; Class 47 47402

1E89 20:50 York to Hull service in a head on collision due to a signal fault with 1M41 21:50 York to Shrewsbury service

19/12/1978 | Hassocks

Ron Jefford, 46 (Driver, Brighton Depot)

Traction: Class 421 4-CIG 7365; Class 420 4-BIG 7037

21:40 Victoria to Littlehampton service SPAD an unlit signal and then had a rear collision with 21:50 Victoria to Brighton service 

01/03/1979 | Naas Level Crossing, Lydney, Gloucestershire

HL Hitchens (Driver, Canton Depot); PH Bull (Relief Driver, Canton Depot)

Traction: 46036

1E32 07:40 Cardiff to Newcastle service struck a vehicle on a level crossing

16/04/1979 | Paisley Gilmour Street

McNeish (Driver); Burns (Driver)

Traction: Class 126/2; Class 303

1Z62 18:58 Ayre to Glasgow service SAS SPAD then had a head on collision with 1N35 19:40 Glasgow Central to Wemyss Bay service

22/10/1979 | Invergowrie

Robert Duncan (Driver, Dundee Depot); William Hume (Driver's Assistant, Dundee Depot)

Traction: Class 47 47208

1A25 09:35 Glasgow to Aberdeen service SPAD partially faulty signal then in a rear end collision with failed in section 2L31 08:44 Glasgow to Dundee service

07/11/1980 | Crewe

Schofield (Driver, Guidebridge Depot)

Traction: Class 47 47190

6J41 12.10 Guide Bridge to Bayston Hill in a rear end collision with 6V93 00.55 Mossend to Severn Tunnel Junction

11/12/1981 | Seer Green

Shaw (Driver, Marylebone Depot)

Traction: Class 115

07:31 Marylebone to Banbury service in a rear end collision with 07:25 ECS Marylebone to Princess Risborough service after being authorised to pass a signal at danger during heavy snowfall

06/01/1982 | Temple Meads

Ian Boyd (Driver, Stratford Depot); David Pitcher (Driver, Stratford)

Traction: Class 08

Light engine in collision in the rear of empty car flats which had an unlit tail lamp

09/12/1982 | Linslade

William Plummer, 46 (Driver, Euston Depot)

Traction: Class 81 81016

1S18 Euston to Glasgow service struck an obstruction (a section of rail fallen from a preceding freight train)

04/12/1984 | Eccles

E Croxford, 36 (Driver, Liverpool Lime Street Depot)

Traction: Class 45 45147

1E79 10:05 Liverpool to Scarborough SPAD then run into rear of 6E85

09/03/1986 | Chinley

Edward Everett (Driver)

Traction: Class 31 31436; Class 45/47

1M42 18:33 Sheffield to Manchester run into light locomotives


19/09/1986 | Colwich

Eric Goode, 58 (Driver, Crewe Depot)

Traction: Class 86 86211

1A76 17:20 Liverpool to Euston collided with 1H20 17:00 Euston to Manchester which had SPAD at Colwich obstructing the Junction

11/09/1986 | Bridgeton Carriage Sidings

A Anderson (Driver, Hyndland Depot)

Class 303 303026; Class 314 314210/11

5L06 09.05 High Street to Bridgeton CSD involved in collision with ECS carrying out a propelling movement

19/10/1987 | Glanrhyd

JM Churchill (Driver)

Traction: Class 108 52037

2M31 05:27 Swansea to Shrewsbury run into a collapsed bridge due to flooding

11/11/1988 | St Helens Central

John Gerald Murray, 58 (Driver)

Traction: Class 150 52209; 57209

2F31 22.1 0 Blackpool North to Liverpool Lime Street derailed then stuck overbridge

12/12/1988 | Clapham

John Philip Rolls, 48 (Driver); Arthur George Creech (Driver, travelling as a passenger in Poole service)

Traction: 4-REP 2003 2X 4-TC 8027 8015

 06:30 Poole to Waterloo service rear collision after passing a defective signal with 07:18 Basingstoke to Waterloo service, an empty Waterloo to Haselmere service run into the resulting wreckage

06/03/1989 | Glasgow Bellgrove

Hugh Kennan, 61 (Driver, Yoker Depot)

Traction: 2x Class 303 303071

2A02 12.20 Milngavie to Springburn SAS SPAD then involved in a head on collision with 2A01 12.39 Springburn to Milngavie

04/08/1990 | Stafford

Philip Donald Sutton (K1 Driver, Birmingham New Street Depot)

Traction: Class 310 310102

5G15 23.36 Stoke on Trent to Soho Depot run into rear of 1V27 22:18 Manchester to Penzance service after receiving a subsidiary aspect on main signal

21/07/1991 | Newton near Glasgow

Reginald McEwan, 61 (Driver, Glasgow Central Depot); David Scott, 27 (Driver, Glasgow Central Depot)

Traction: Class 303 303037; Class 314 314203

2P55 21:55 Newton to Glasgow SAS Spad then involved in head on collision with 2J66 Balloch to Motherwell

15/10/1994 | Cowden

David Rees, 31 (Driver, Norwood Depot); Brian Barton (Driver, Norwood Depot)

Traction: Class 205 205029 205018

2E24 08.04 Oxted to Uckfield and 2E27 08.00 Uckfield to Oxted involved in a head on collision due to 2E27 SPAD onto a single line

25/06/1995 | Greenock

Arthur McKee, 35 (Driver)

Traction: Class 303

22:45 Wemyss to Glasgow service stuck concrete blocks left on track by vandals

05/10/1999 | Ladbroke Grove

Brian Cooper, 52 (Driver, Paddington Great Western Depot); Michael Hodder, 31 (Driver, Paddington Thames Trains Depot)

Traction: Class 253 HST 43011 43018; Class 365

1K20 08:06 Paddington to Bedwyn and 1A09 Cheltenham to Paddington involved in a head on collision due to 1K20 SPAD at an at risk signal SN109

28/02/2001 | Great Heck

John Weddle, 47 (Driver, Newcastle Depot); Stephen Dunn, 39 (Newcastle Depot)

Traction: DVT 82221 66521

1F23 04:45 Newcastle to Kings Cross service struck a car which had careered off motorway down an embankment. 1F23 derailed into the path of 6G34 05:00 Freightliner service from Immingham to Ferrybridge

06/11/2004 | Ufton Nervet

Stanley Martin, 54 (Driver, Exeter St Davids Depot)

Traction: Class 253 HST 43019

1C92 17:35 Paddington to Plymouth struck a car deliberately placed on a level crossing

12/08/2020 | Stonehaven

Brett McCullough, 45 (Driver, Aberdeen Depot)

Traction: Class 253 HST

06:38 Aberdeen to Glasgow service struck at landslide and derailed