Company Overview

ASLEF is recognised as the union representing train drivers by almost all of the UK's train and freight operation companies, London Underground and light rail systems.

The UK's rail industry is currently in flux following the failure of the franchising system, and it is expected that the railway will move to a concession model in the future.

ASLEF organises and is recognised in all of the train and freight operating companies which currently run trains on the network, as well as London Underground and some light rail systems.

ASLEF's members, Company Councils and negotiators work within each of the rail companies to work towards achieving the terms and conditions set out in the ASLEF Charter.

If you are an ASLEF member, you can log in and click here to see the terms and conditions achieved within each company, and progress towards the charter.

If you are a train driver and you haven't yet joined ASLEF, click here to join now.